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May 2022
HF Stage A
HF Stage B
HF Stage C
HF Stage D
HF Stage A Patients at high risk for developing HF in the future but no functional or structural heart disorder
HF Stage B A structural heart disorder but no symptoms at this stage
HF Stage C Previous or current symptoms of heart failure in the context of an underly ing structural heart problem, but managed with medical treatment
HF Stage D Advanced disease requiring hospital-based support, a heart transplant or palliative care
Heart Failure Research Foundation is a non profitable, voluntary, research oriented and charitable organization
Goals & Objectives

Considering its non-profitable, non-political & charitable nature; the activities of the Foundation will include but not limited to the following:

from Founder

The HFRF is a non-profitable and charitable organization. The activities will be voluntary and research oriented. The objective is to provide standard and effective treatment to heart failure patient at low cost and free service to the poor patients. The patients who are vulnerable to develop HF, will take preventive measure.

HF means heart is unable to pump out blood to ensure supply of blood to all organs to deliver oxygen and nutrients. American College of Cardiology/ American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) staged HF from Stage A to Stage D. Stage A & B are the group, yet not developed heart failure but there are higher chance of developing HF. These groups are the target of HFRF to prevent or at least delaying the development of HF. Stage C & D have developed HF and HFRF will provide standard care to improve the quality of life and survival.

HF is now recognized as a major and escalating public health problem. An estimated 64.3 million people are living with HF worldwide. In developed countries, the prevalence of known HF is generally estimated at 1-2% of the general adult population. Approximate prevalence of HF in India is 1-2%. There is no statistical data on the prevalence of HF in Bangladesh. Considering the prevalence in India approximately 18-36 lakh HF patients are present in Bangladesh. There is no dedicated HF care center in Bangladesh and badly need the research work to find out the prevalence, incidence and appropriate treatment option for Bangladeshi HF patients.

HFRF developed with the vision to conduct such research work along with patient care. As a beginner we need support from all concerned to come forward to support this charitable organization to meet the mission and vision.

Prof. Md. Abdul Kader Akanda
MBBS. FCPS (Medicine). MD (Cardiology)

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