About HFRF

Heart Failure Research Foundation is a non profitable, voluntary, research oriented and charitable organization
Goals & Objectives

Considering its non-profitable, non-political & charitable nature; the activities of the Foundation will include but not limited to the following:

  1. To make the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up facilities of heart failure easily available for the patients
  2. To conduct regular research activities on heart failure
  3. To organize various Workshop, Seminar and Symposium on heart failure for patients, paramedics and for the doctors
  4. To conduct regular training program on heart failure, management for physicians and paramedics
  5. To create public awareness on heart failure through posters, newsletters, lectures, meetings, articles in print media and talk show on electronic media
  6. To exchange experience and scientific knowledge in collaboration with experts at national and international level
  7. To ensure implementation of research based effective treatment facilities for patients with heart failure
  8. To receive and to make arrangement to collect grant, donation, voluntary subscription to bear the expenses of various social welfare programs conducted by the Foundation
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