Executive Committee of HFRF Naogaon Branch

Date: June 29th, 2022

Heart Failure Research Foundation (HFRF) had opened a branch at Naogaon, Bangladesh consisting of a nine-member Executive Committee. The committee started its operation on 10th May 2022.

Executive Committee of HFRF Naogaon Branch:
1. Prof. Md. Abdul Kader Akanda-Chairman
2. Prof. Murtoza Khaled-Vice Chairman
3. Dr. Asahaque Ali Akanda-Secretary
4. Dr. Md. Atiqur Rahman- Jt. Secretary
5. Dr. Md. Bonday Ali-Treasurer
6. Md. Ahsan Sayed-Member
7. Md. Abdul Masud-Member
8. Md. Nazrul Islam-Member
9. Alhaz Abdul Khalek-Member

Currently, there are only two ECG and a Hematology Machine that are from the donation. But need some more equipment to run the foundation properly and provide better service to the patients. The committee has decided to operate this branch on fully equipped fashion from this July.

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